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All Together Now…Songs and Activities to Do With Children

These singable songs are perfect to share with young children. Whether you are looking for action songs to use with story times or songs to sing with simple instruments, this CD will give you many songs to put into your pocket for any occasion.

CD - All Together Now…Songs to Sing With Children

Companion Book - All Together Now…Songs to Sing With Children

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CD and Companion Book - $25

1. Aiken Drum   Listen
2. Two Little Blackbirds
3. Sing a Song of Sixpence
4. Down on Grandpa’s Farm  Listen
5. Five Little Froggies
6. Can you Hop Like a Frog   Listen
7. Way Up in the Sky
8. Little Red Bird
9. Chey Chey Kooley   Listen
10. Something in My Pocket/ I’m So Happy
11. Wiggle Fingers
12. I am a Fine Musician   Listen
13. The Ants Go Marching
14. Five Green Apples
15. Row Your Boat
16. A Sailor Went to Sea
17. Grandma's Glasses
18. The Farmer Plants the Seed
19. Rain on the Rooftop
20. Mama Don't Allow
21. Johnny Works with One Hammer
22. Atcha Patcha Notcha   Listen
23. With My Hands
24. Wind the Bobbin
25. Pimpón
26. The Bear Went Over the Mountain
27. Join in the Game
28. Instrument Bonanza
29. Wiggle Little Mouse
30. Bend and Stretch   Listen
31. Clap Your Hands
32. All the Pretty Little Horses

Companion Book

All Together Now…Songs and Activities to Do With Children

This companion book for the CD of the same name, is packed with extension activities to add variety and fun to each song. Some of the activities for each song may include: lyrics, song variations, movement, puppets, art, action, creative dramatics, literature, flannelgraphs, and related facts to share.

66 pages.    Check out a sample activity page!

Ruth Cooks 

Ruth  Cooks-cover

A Family Cookbook from a Pennsylvania Dutch Community or Perspective

Compiled by Kim Lehman

$15 (includes shipping and handling)

Here are a few sample pages from the cookbook!

“I've read your cookbook and loved it. As much as anything, the history of food is the history of human beings. "Ruth Cooks" time travels me back to church socials, family reunions, and funeral suppers and those basic comfort recipes handed down from years ago. I can almost smell the home cookin' just by reading the index page. Thanks!”
Cindy Phillips, Co-President of the Austin Herb Society

“This is an heirloom book that will be cherished for many generations. It captures, with homespun charm, the details of a bygone era and a life well lived.”
Scott Lehman, Ruth’s great nephew

320 pages