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Kim's Programs for Kids

These programs for children combine stories, music, puppets and participation. Years of experience as a storyteller for the Austin Public Library have made Kim a favorite with young children. Older children enjoy both the silliness and seriousness the programs have to offer.

Available Programs

Early Childhood Programs (ages 2-6)

These fun-filled, age appropriate, interactive programs combine props, stories, music, puppets and fingerplays. The children are engaged while parents and teachers can learn songs and interaction skills to share with their children at home or at school.

Some program themes include:

Animals, Bees, Birds, Colors, Cowboys, Dinosaurs, Fairy Tales, Favorite Stories and Songs, Food, Frogs, Hats, Insects, Mexico, Monkeys, Music, Ocean, Plants, Space, Various Holidays and Seasons

Honey Bee Science Programs (ages 4-10)

This hands-on, educational science program combines participation, music, and props to illustrate the vital role of honey bees in the world.

This program is most effective as an assembly program followed by an in school field trip with classes participating in hands-on activities. Activities include: observation hive, rolling beeswax candles, honey tasting, microscopes, trying on bee suits, bee finger puppets, products of the hive, and pollination games.

Tales and Tunes (ages 5-12)

These programs combine songs, stories, props, puppets and participation for elementary ages. Programs include an introduction to two or more musical instruments. Teachers are provided with story activities to do in the classroom.

Some Program Topics Include:

Tales and Tunes, Stories and Songs From Around the World, Pioneer Days, Plants and Green Growing, and Fairy Tales

Intergenerational Programs

By combining seniors, children, and parents or teachers, three different generations can share a common experience together. Seniors receive the stimulation and joy of the children and music. Children are exposed to wheel chairs and a generation they may have little opportunities to interact with. Parents and teachers gain meaning and insights beyond measure. These programs can be in nursing centers or in corporation with libraries, schools or child cares.

Cooking Up a Family Cookbook
and Other Family Treasures

Learn interviewing techniques and tips for collecting and compiling stories, photos, recipes, songs, writings, and home remedies. Learn how to go from a few family recipes and songs to a full-fledged family treasure.

For information, availability and a program quote contact Kim at 512-627-0113 or E-mail.